Welcome to the virtual launch of the Elan E6!

The most ambitious 47 ft production performance cruiser on the market.

Parts of the presentation are in Slovenian language, so please turn on subtitles by clicking bottom right [CC] button of the Youtube player.


Download our Elan E6 brochure and specification

Flip through the pages and get ready for your priority viewing of the E6 boat!

Faster, lighter and stiffer!

We wanted to give birth to the ultimate performance cruiser. We combined the best in shipbuilding technology, naval architecture, and industrial design.

As a pioneering innovator in the field of sailing yachts, Elan relies on our 75-year shipbuilding heritage and know-how for the creation of this new yacht, as well as a team of “best-in-business” specialists to really push the envelope with every aspect.


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